Minerals, metals & precious stones

Date : 13/12/2014

Minerals, metals & precious stones

Clients of Pinnacle member firms across the sector range from mining through to primary and secondary processing of metals and minerals such as aluminium, gold, precious metals, coal and steel.

As well as providing core accountancy and advice services, specialists from across the Pinnacle network have significant experience of specific issues related to the sector.

Rising energy and raw material costs means increasing productivity and reducing costs are areas of focus where consultancy services provided through our member firms are in demand.

Sector specialists are also able to help companies deal with the cash flow issues which result from the highly cyclical nature of the sector. They also provide advice and guidance in areas such as corporate governance with respect to issues such as metal accounting.


Increasing global demand for commodities is also leading to heightened mergers and acquisition activity and Pinnacle member firms have advised on many deals, including a significant number with an international focus.

In-depth knowledge of the sector enables specialist staff to work closely with companies to identify opportunities in overseas markets such as China and India where both production and consumption of metals are moving towards US and European levels.