Book Keeping Accounting

Date : 13/12/2014

Book Keeping Accounting

Accounting functions are also one of the first areas to feel the strain as companies look for ways to reduce costs. Outsourcing may also be required by users of financial statements for more financial and business information about the company s current and future performance. We assist clients respond to new rules and regulations, including disclosure requirements, as well as to seek international opportunities to address certain challenges, and offer advice on developing accounting functions, training staff or even outsourcing record keeping.

We perform regular reconciliations of key accounts, such as the bank accounts, to ensure that the financial information we produce can be relied upon. We have systems and procedures in place to ensure that the work we produce for your business is of the highest standard.

Our accounting services include: up-dation of accounts for a period, monthly accounting retainer services, and quarterly accounting retainer services.


Qualified accounting staff provides you with quality accounting and bookkeeping services, while you concentrate on building your business. Our team meets with the management and provides themanagement reports and insights from their perspective