Offshore Trust, Foundations & Companies

Date : 13/12/2014

Offshore Trust, Foundations & Companies

We help our clients to manage and protect their wealth and assets for future generations via a variety of trust and company structures.


Our team has particular expertise in managing trusts, private trust companies, family office and corporate structures.


We can also administer a variety of employee benefit, share and retirement schemes for private or public companies, and are experienced in establishing and managing personnel, payroll and crew solutions.

As independent trustees, we are able to select the highest quality of providers in the legal, banking and investment communities to provide our clients with the right solutions.



We are able to assist with all aspects of setting up a foundation and its on-going administration.

Foundations have some characteristics that are similar to those of a company; On the other hand, a foundation is entirely independent and has no shares and no members,nor any concept of share capital.

Although there are similarities, a foundation is neither a company, nor is it a trust.

An important distinction is that with foundations there is no separation of legal and beneficial title of property, whilst in trusts there is such separation.

Partnership and companies

We are able to provide the administration for companies which would include the maintenance of the ledgers and production of interim and final accounts.

We also maintain share registers and ensure client due diligence is obtained and maintained in accordance with the principal documents and local regulation.


We are highly experienced at establishing partnerships as investment vehicles.

We can advise on the use of limited partnership structures for:

·       Ø    Asset protection

        Ø   International tax planning

        Ø   Private equity and venture capital schemes