Litigation Advisory & Arbitration

Date : 13/12/2014

Litigation Advisory & Arbitration

Our specialized Forensics Litigation & Arbitration teams provide support to your legal advisers and lawyers during litigation or at the pre-litigation stage

Our experts utilize their economic,financial and accounting expertise in all kinds of litigation situations:

Ø   Competition

Ø   Tax issues

Ø   Mergers/Acquisitions

Ø   Real estate

Ø   Financial markets

Ø   Contractual obligations  

They are involved in numerous forms of conflict resolution procedures:

Ø   Litigation before the courts

Ø   Arbitration

Ø   Independent price assessment

A multidisciplinary team

According to the nature of the situation, our specialized L&A teams also draw upon the experience of our other activities (including Transaction Support & Advisory, Valuation & Fairness Opinion, Corporate Recovery Services and Economics & Business Analysis) to offer a richer and more comprehensive response to your problems.