Business Restructuring

Date : 13/12/2014

Business Restructuring

At Pinnacle Consulting Firm we help you with your business restructuring issues.

If you find that your business is struggling, you will want to get to grips with any operational issues and get back to making a profit. Your business may need some restructuring, whether by improving your organizational structure or making internal operations more efficient.

Pinnacle Consulting Firm performs an operations review to identify operational inefficiencies,saving costs and reducing overheads. We will look at unprofitable business segments, divisions or affiliates and any weaknesses in systems, procedures and controls.

We help you during restructuring by:


Ø Defining and implementing an overall strategic turnaround and restructuring plan,

Ø Preparing a priority timeline for restructuring,

Ø Providing operational consultation at each stage of there structuring,

Ø Providing consultation services addressing bankruptcy issues.


We will also help you avoid future risk situations by:


Ø Helping you understand the causes of the company’s past shortfalls,

Ø Assessing your business’ short-term and long-term viability,

Ø Preparing short and long-term financial projections and cash flows,

Ø Developing operational tools and reports,

Ø Searching for business partners and merger or acquisition opportunities.